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ReZen Advanced Hair Growth Nutritive
ReZen Advanced Hair Growth Nutritive
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ReZen Advanced Hair Growth Nutritive

Strengthen and regenerate your hair. Enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind with the only holistic hair growth supplement powered by leading edge ingredients clinically proven to increase the number, weight, and keratin density of hair follicles.

  • More Active Follicles

  • Thicker Hair

  • Increased Keratin

  • Malassezia Safe

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Powerful Results in 2-3 Months

Formulated by Doctors Using Clinically Proven Ingredients:


Increase of active hair follicles per square centimeter


Increase in the total weight of each follicle


Increase in the keratin protein density of each follicle

The Groundbreaking Science Behind the ReZen Advanced Hair Growth Nutritive

Hidden inside the humble apple, awaits a powerful polyphenol known as Procyanidin B2. This remarkable compound has proven its efficacy as a hair regenerator in multiple clinical trials.

We combined this cutting edge nutrient with additional hair growth powerhouses like solubilized keratin, green tea extract, biotin, and more to create the most advanced system for regenerating thicker, healthier hair.

Hair Follicle Growth Factors

Stimulate new follicle growth

Increase the thickness of each follicle

Improve keratin weight and strength

Regenerate dormant hairs

What’s Inside

Nutritive Capsule

Apple Polyphenols

Clinically proven to increase active follicles, hair weight, and keratin density

Solubilized Keratin

Improves thickness, strength, and health of hair follicles

Nutritive Capsule

Applex™ (malus pumila miller), Cynatine™ (keratin), Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil from Coconut Oil

How to Regenerate Your Hair Growth in 60-90 Days

  • 1

    Each day, take your two (2) Rezen Nutritive capsules with or without food.

  • 2

    Continue this process for 2-3 months. Most folks find a noticeable increase in hair thickness and health within two months while others may require three. The longer you take the ReZen Nutritive, the more benefit you will see.

  • 3

    Enjoy thicker, healthier, more abundant hair.

    Once you finish micro-needling, apply a generous amount of the ReZen Topical Serum and massage your scalp as usual.

  • 4

    Results are amplified when combined with the ReZen Topical Serum and Micro Needle Enhancer. You can benefit from the complete system by clicking here.

The Growth Guarantee

We are confident you will see an improvement in the thickness and health of your hair if you use the ReZen Nutritive consistently.

Because most people notice results after two months of daily use, we require you to take the Nutritive for 60 days before you are eligible for a refund. In other words, you will need to reorder a second bottle, purchase a two month supply from the start, or get started with a two-month supply of the Complete Hair Growth System to qualify for the Growth Guarantee.


Use the entire ReZen Advanced Hair Growth Nutritive for at least 60 Days.


Document your progress with monthly pictures. We’ll need 3+ photos to process a refund.


No results after 60+ days? Click “Claim Guarantee” then send photos from before, during, and after your trial.


Return your empty products and receive your refund.


The Transformations Keep Coming

It’s your turn for greater confidence and peace of mind.